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Best practice example of YOUTH social enterprise/initiative!

What is alternative education? It’s education not for everyone – it’s education for ALL!

There can be only one education for all. Education for everyone means that there are thousands of ways to find passion in learning.
It is a myth that there are those among us who do not like to learn. Some of us just haven’t found… an alternative for ourselves.

When we go to school, out of curiosity we are ready to swallow the world, because we want and like to learn. When we finish school, things can be different.
If this is the case, it means that there is still much to be done in education, especially where there are no alternatives. And since there’s a lot to do,
in September 2012, in the Masurian commune of Piecki, the “ALE” Foundation for Alternative Education was established.

A goal is a task for our dreams. Our goal is to support children, adolescents and adults in finding and developing their passions.
We want to initiate and promote all initiatives contributing to the overthrow of educational stereotypes, dividing into incapable and able, difficult
and exemplary. We want to help and accompany people especially where, for various reasons, it is difficult to experience the effect of “ah! I can!” Because if you are convinced you can, you are right. If you say you can’t, you are also right.

We invite you to get to know us and cooperate.

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