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Best practice example of YOUTH social enterprise/initiative!

The Mutual Assistance Association “To Be Together” was established in 1996 in response to the passivity and institutionalization of the social assistance system.

The founders were young people (educators, psychologists, therapists, social workers, lawyers, students) who did not find a place in the existing institutions of broadly understood social assistance to implement their ideas for real, effective and systemic help to people in need. One of the founders is Mariusz Andrukiewicz, now 46, he was 28 when he started the Association!

The aim of the association is to facilitate the return of excluded people to the labour market through apprenticeships and job creation. As part of the social enterprise, unemployed, disabled or homeless people get help and find employment. The enterprise is divided into workshops – a laundry, a carpentry shop, a locksmith shop, as well as a kitchen with a canteen, a sewing room and a cleaning section, conducted in partnership with social cooperatives.

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