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1.Įvadas į mokymo modulį

Tema 1.Įvadas į mokymo modulį Išplėstinis mokymo programos vadovas Tikslai Suteikti andragogams papildomų [...]

MOKYMO MODULIS Socialinių verslininkų kompetencija ir mąstysena

Verslininkai biznio pasaulyje veikia kaip varikliai, panaudodami inovacijas, kurios skatina ekonominę pažangą. Nors [...]

Apie socialinio verslo geruosius pavyzdžius

Lietuvoje jau turime nemažai sėkmingai veikiančių socialinio verslo pavyzdžių ir įdomių iniciatyvų.  Vienas [...]

Report on key mind-set elements for successful social business development in Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden

Social entrepreneurs, agents of change, with the desire to make the World a [...]

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20 recommendations from social entrepreneurs

Various kinds of support is needed when launching your social enterprise. While suggestions [...]

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10 revenue-generating strategies for social businesses

As in any other form of business, also in social entrepreneurship one of [...]

Success story: Filip Lundin/Sopköket

For Filip, being an entrepreneur is nothing new. “I sold my first pens [...]

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Discussion “Is it ok to earn money by doing good?” in the Conversation festival Lampa

On June 28th the annual Conversation festival took place in Cesis town in Latvia. [...]

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