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Train your skills and competences, test yourself and become a better you. Gamified tools collected here will change your perception about learning.

Fair Earth Foundation Programmes for Youth

The Fair Earth Foundation is the UK registered charity, working to inspire individuals to take action and make the world a better, fairer place. The main aim is to alleviate poverty around the world. As [...]

The English Channel for Building Skills

The English Channel is a website designed by a British Council presenting interactive videos to help you build career skills and learn English.  It offers plenty of engaging videos, question answering, and earning badges for your [...]

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DICE Young Storymakers

The DICE Young Storymakers are a group of 14 young journalists, aged 18-25, who are passionate about bringing stories of positive change in their countries to global audiences. They provide invaluable reporting capacity and locally informed perspectives [...]

Online Thinkathon Challenge #2

Online Thinkathon Challenge #2 is a series of events that aim to shape society and influence European and Canadian policy in 5 central areas of focus: racisms, health, climate change, gender equality, and education. The Challenge encourages [...]

Hubro Education – Business simulations

Simulations are the ultimate way to tie theory and practice together. Hubro Education allows students to run virtual companies with their award-winning online business simulation game. Hubro Education offers three online business simulation games: Business simulation: Run a [...]

Gamified Tool to Learn What The Theory of Change Is All About

The Theory of Change is a premier e-learning tool to optimise impact management and enhance social impact creation. As the cornerstone of impact management it is indispensable to any purpose-driven organisation targeting social or environmental value creation. It [...]

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