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Are You Still not recycling? You Might Regret It!

What is Life Cycle Assessment and How it helped BinFree to discover their [...]

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Internship at Social Enterprise Estonia and moving towards a greener lifestyle.

I am Katerina Chantzi and I am a social scientist. I am very [...]

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New informative material – Social Entrepreneurship: how to create a positive change?

Entrepreneurship or charity? To make profit or to save the world? To think [...]

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“The Sedge” ideas for social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship differs from regular business with its higher goal– while classical companies [...]

On the way to more innovative, collaborative and inclusive cities

All around the world urbanization is shaping the ways how societies live and [...]

Internationalization of the social entrepreneurship

The concept of social entrepreneurship gets more and more popular and people all [...]

A new player in the digital collaboration tool field – Ryver

Let us introduce you to another highly effective digital collaboration tool that will [...]

20 recommendations from social entrepreneurs

Various kinds of support is needed when launching your social enterprise. While suggestions [...]

10 revenue-generating strategies for social businesses

As in any other form of business, also in social entrepreneurship one of [...]

Social Entrepreneurship in education systems

Education plays a crucial role in shaping the minds and opinions of the [...]