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The Responsible Business Forum Estonia (Vastutustundliku Ettevõtluse Foorum) is a non-profit organisation with the aim of furthering CSR in Estonian society through being the centre of competence-building and communication on CSR.

The organisation has grown out of the Multi-stakeholder Forum Initiative of the Open Estonia Foundation during 2004-2006 when the framework for CSR in Estonia was developed based on round-table events and seminars that involved various stakeholders from public, private and civil sectors. Building on the outcomes of the multi-stakeholder dialogue, RBF Estonia continues its actions by fostering CSR-related initiatives as well as providing the related consultation.

As a competence centre, RBF Estonia unites a network of specialists in the field that can contribute their knowledge and experience to support and provide consultations to various CSR-related initiatives.


Responsible Business Forum in Estonia is a business network with the aim to inspire and support furthering CSR in Estonian society through supporting businesses and increasing awareness of decision makers.


RBF Estonia provides:

  • Strategic consulting (CSR strategy, stakeholder dialogue, community investments, sustainability reporting.
  • Trainings and workshops for managers and other employees.
  • Internal communication campaigns.
  • Community-based projects.
  • Research and publications.
  • Analysis of the current state of CSR and development opportunities.
  • Events and presentations.

The main CSR themes addressed by RBF Estonia are: aqual opportunities and diversity, mainstream CSR, and leadership and governance.


RBF Estonia currently has 28 corporate members in a variety of sectors – utilities, food and beverage, electronics, motor, consulting, oil and energy, finance, retail, leisure, services, information technologies and other.


Elina Rääsk-Durrani, Corporate Responsibility Manager, Global Procurement at Nokia Solutions and Networks

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