Company Description

The company develops The Smart Village® concept.

The Smart Village concept is the only residential model actively developing a sparsely populated area, which makes trendy countryside an attractive place for those who are used to modern life. What’s new in the concept is a housing cooperative model tailored to the countryside and a way to combine existing solutions for the benefit of the residents. What is also new is the operation of the housing cooperative in the business sector with the aim of lowering the cost of housing by creating a business.

The smart village is for everyone. It is especially suitable for:

  • households interested in economical, resource efficient, carbon neutral and communal living
  • those with a high threshold for owner-occupied housing
  • those who are concerned about the decline in the value of a Home Investment
  •  municipalities and cities that wish to develop the vitality and attractiveness of their region
  • associations of local actors and village associations, as well as other parties interested in setting up villages.

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