Company Description

Coop TerraTori is a mutual business, a cooperative owned by eight members residing in Kanta- Häme region. It is the only cooperative owned by both Finns and foreigners in Hämeenlinna city. Among its other businesses are Thai-carving, arts, web design, computer repair, and primary/school subject remediation. Additionally, it offers creative living programs to help the elderly regain their memories and provides objectivity for those whose lives become a routine.

The coop provides job coaching as well as organizational services, and offers ethnic food services for parties, for public functions such as in schools, for official functions, and for private individuals who are interested in any of our ethnic foods from America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

TerraTori is a social enterprise. Currently the main services include computer fixing and IT teaching as well as rehabilitative living (food, sports, gardening) courses.

Company Location