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Public Establishment SOPA is a NGO working in Vilnius since 2006. The core activity of the organisation is to promote employment of those who are facing difficulties in finding a job on the labor market. Our services include vocational counselling, guidance, development soft skills, prospecting job offers, analyzing job contents, networking with employers, matching people’s profile with the job opportunities, monitoring professional integration and providing individual support in the working places.

In the course of our day-to-day work we provide services for the unemployed people from disadvantaged categories: senior citizens, women, young people with no qualifications, people with disabilities. Usually clients of SOPA are people with low qualification level or their participation in vocational training does not ensure their successful entering of labour market because of the lack of soft skills. So we prepare the unemployed person to enter labour world and to stay in the working place for longer period.

 In the period of last 10 years SOPA had adapted and developed number of tools for the specialists working with the disadvantaged job seekers. To name a few:

  • Euro Job coach – compendium of tools for job coaches
  • Adoption of picture based vocational interest tool Jobpics
  • Adoption of theatrical methods of the Theatre of the Oppressed (A. Boal) for the group training of the unemployed
  • Creation of training programs for specialists working with disadvantaged unemployed
  • Creation of interactive online training course for job seekers
The core activity is job mediation services for from socially vulnerable groups (such as people with disabilities, long term unemployed, people with low qualification etc.). The job mediation services consist of individual assessment, vocational guidance, soft skills training, job search support and on-the-job support the person is employed.
SOPA has experience in creation of methodological material for specialists working in employment, vocational guidance area.



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