Company Description

Socially Safe Foundation in cooperation with the City of Gdańsk, runs Socially Responsible Car Parks. The Foundation is also a social partner of the City of Gdańsk in the Nowy Port revitalization project for 2019-2020.

- helping the homeless and those at risk of homelessness, families and people in a difficult social situation, and providing equal opportunities for these families and people,
- health protection and promotion,
- help for the disabled,
- help for addicts,
- helping children and adolescents from environments at risk of social pathology,
- recognizing and reducing the phenomena of social maladjustment,
- supporting science, education, education and upbringing,
- promotion and organization of volunteering,
- counteracting alcoholism and drug addiction,
- promotion of environmental protection and ecological attitudes,
- promotion of the social economy.

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