Company Description

Kociewska Spółdzielnia Socjalna, an entity whose members are two local government legal entities: the Pelplin Commune and the neighboring Morzeszczyn Commune, conducts activities of two types.


Our overriding goal is to return to a regulated social and professional life of people with a high probability of social exclusion, while running a company that, in addition to meeting the needs of the local community and active participation in the market of commercial services, conducts social, cultural, educational and socially useful activities.


A social cooperative is an entity that combines the features of an enterprise and a non-governmental organization, which is regulated by a separate act (Act of 27 April 2006 on social cooperatives), according to which the basic task of a cooperative is the professional reintegration of people classified into disadvantaged groups, including disabled people, unemployed or benefiting from certain forms of state social assistance.

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