Company Description

Sławek’ Foundation was set up in 1998 by Łagodzińscy family. It began with taking philanthropic actions, today it is an active non-governmental, public benefit organization.

The first time Marek Łagodziński, the chairman of the foundation, came into contact with problems of convicted felons, was when he went to an AA meeting in the prison on Rakowiecka Street in Warsaw in 1992. Since then, he started being more interested about lives of people leaving penitentiaries in Poland.

Suddenly the words of Bible “When saw we Thee sick, or in prison, and came unto Thee” had a new meaning. Marek Łagodziński began meeting prisoners and having individual conversations with them. Then he understood how much support they need, especially when re-adapting in society after having spent many years in a penal institution. Mr Łagodziński started hiring them in a garage, then he noticed how hard they work and realized that they really want to change their lives.

The first charge of the foundation was a man called Sławek, that’s where the name of the organization comes from. When 14 years ago Sławek left a penitentiary, he felt anxiety and fear as he did not know how to start a new chapter of his life. Having difficulties with finding a job, he turned to the people from our foundation. Thanks to them, Sławek found a new job, started a family and lives a happy life.

Marek Łagodziński, also with his wife Danuta and son Krzysztof, has been offering a helping hand many other people who need some support for over 15 years now. Our foundation helps with finding a job, offers an overnight stay and also supports them financially.

‘Sławek’ Foundation works with about 30 volunteers. Furthermore, the organization prepares its former charges to become volunteers themselves. Their help, having their own experiences in penitentiaries, is especially important. Getting more and more interest from many people, Marek Łagodziński chartered his organization as ‘Sławek’ Foundation in 1998.

A breakthrough of ‘Sławek’

In 2000 ‘Sławek’ was given a place in Mienia, where the foundation set up a kind of halfway house for a rehabilitation and re-adapting the society. It’s made for 10 people, who, after leaving penitentiaries, need a safe place to stay in. They are offered food and accommodation, whilst they must obey the rules, such as no drinking alcohol. The house instantly became a friendly place to start a very new and better chapter of people’s lives.

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