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About 10,000 adults with autism live in Poland. Most of them are not working, although European experience shows that people with autism can and want to work if the right conditions are created. Work is extremely important in their therapy and rehabilitation, strengthens self-esteem and gives the chance to be included in social life.
In response to this problem, the SYNAPSIS Foundation has established a Partnership for Development – “Partnership for Rain Man – Rain Man for Partnership”. It was a unique social initiative. Partners from three sectors – non-governmental organizations; entrepreneurs and the local self-government of the Lesznowola commune (as well as international partners) have joined forces to create not only an enterprise for adults with autism, but also to develop legal and institutional grounds that would allow creating similar places throughout Poland. The project was implemented with the participation of funds from the European Social Fund under the Community Initiative EQUAL.

Parallel to these activities, the Foundation created the “FORUM Club”. The formula of the Club was addressed to young people and young adults with autism. His goal was to create a place where, in a friendly atmosphere, young people with autism can pursue their passions, develop interests and acquire new skills. In addition, during the classes, members of the Club learned how to perform various work – it was preparation for future employment in the Enterprise. As part of the FORUM Club, group and individual classes were conducted, and monthly Saturday meetings are held for a wider group of people from Warsaw and the surrounding area.
The Social Enterprise “Pracownia Rzeczy Różnych SYNAPSIS” was officially opened in March 2007. He creates unique products, gives continuous employment and provides therapy to 24 adults with autism. It is proof that such places can arise and function in Poland, changing the reality that surrounds us better.

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