Company Description

The Foundation works for the professional and social integration and reintegration of people at risk of social exclusion (creating a local support network for these people and activating these communities). The Foundation supports initiatives aimed at creating various forms of entrepreneurship education, employment promotion and professional activation of the unemployed. He cooperates with state institutions, local and economic self-government in the area of ​​shaping and implementing local and regional policy and in the field of social assistance. One of the Foundation’s tasks is to counteract addictions and social pathologies, promote the protection of freedom and human rights, and promote the principles of management and savings. The Foundation also aims to support and promote all forms of cultural activities, environmental protection, dissemination and support initiatives in the field of social economy, supporting cooperation between the business and science sectors, and activities for the development of rural areas and their local communities.
The main activity of the Foundation is construction services and professional disinfection of office and residential premises.

Company Location