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Meadows attract bees, butterflies and birds looking for food and shelter. They can be an oasis of peace in cities – a place of relaxation for both people and the space for living plants and animals. They also play an important ecological role, helping to preserve precious water where it is needed and stopping dust creating urban smog. Meadows, however, disappear, giving way to cities and arable fields. Sowing flower meadows, the Foundation supports urban nature. Ecological, beautiful and practical meadows deserve their place in gardens and cities.

Flowering meadows require less care than lawns. A well-made meadow does not require any work related to fertilization and watering, or reduces the number of mows during the year, reducing expenses for the maintenance of urban greenery. Flower meadows can be an important element of greenery in housing estates, parks and road lanes.

The mission of the project is to convince the local community to the meadows as well as to train the officials responsible for urban greenery. The Łąka Foundation takes part in the creation of law and recommendations regarding greenery care at the urban and provincial level. The project educates children and young people by presenting them with a fascinating microcosm of insects, flowers and birds that can be found in the meadow.

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