Company Description

“We are developing ourselves – we are developing the village.” Forest hotel Golubino has the unique location: in the real taiga, on the banks of the purest river Pinega. There are no any industrial productions here. The longest in the European territory of Russia karst caves attracts people. As well as the 880-old ancient settlement of Pinega, where even now there is rural life. By the way, the youth is leaving, and new people do not appear, many do not believe that being in the countryside can be comparable to the standard of living in the city.

Forest hotel aims to revitalize the village, attract people here. This is a family project started in 2014, when the family of Moscovites bought out a collapsing recreation center from the previous owner. The three-year work has paid off: now Golubino became the central place for family celebrations of residents, events for the Pinega companies and various programs for schoolchildren. The project creates quite a stormy activity around: many carriers, a cultural center, a museum, consumer cooperation and many other organizations cooperate with Golubino.

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