Company Description

The network of the family cafe “Anderson” focused on the creation of regional communities and charity. Anderson born out of a desire to create a place where it will be beautiful, exciting and safe.

In Moscow in the late 2000s, there were no district communities, where you fell yourself anfв your children safe and comfortable. Founders of Anderson decided to create such places in different districts of Moscow.

Anderson focuses very much on children: “if the designer does not have children, he will not understand why it is impossible to put a light armchair and make outlets at a height below one and a half meters. It is important to him that it was beautiful. And for us – to be safe”.

Anderson works with a vast number of communities that come and say: “Can we have something here we will hold?”. It fits into the founder`s concept that the community is cool. Only they can keep everything else. It is impossible to unite 15 million people, but you can unite communities.

Company Location