Company Description

Founded by 13 residents’ associations and Oulu municipality, a social enterprise Ektakompus Oy started it’s operations in august 2011. The name Ektakompus comes from local slang words and means “genuine combination”.  The company is all about real action, interaction between people and caring.

The basis of the operations is producing social good as well as customer service which aims to respect the customers’ wishes and needs.

Ektakompus Oy produces healthcare and wellbeing services, helps in taking care of daily matters as well as produces homecare and home nursing services to Oulu city. Services are produced by professional people, in the way that also work integration of people in vulnerable work life situation is possible. Services are easily accessible, close to the customer and are planned in close cooperation with the customers.

The company’s social mission is stated in the founding documents. Over 50% of profit is generated back to developing the business and creating jobs. The rest goes as dividends to the non-profit owners, supporting their operations as well.

The company acts as a promotor of local economy, providing affordably priced services for everyday needs, and uses the generated profit to create jobs and enhance the work of the residents’ associations.

Company Location