Company Description

As a social enterprise, “Domus atbalsts” provides medical and social rehabilitation services, as well as support and training to foster families, specialized foster families, custodians, adopters and host families. The enterprise provides professional services of psychologist, social work, lawer and other professionals upon request. “Domus atbalsts” provides training for foster families  according to the nationally developed curriculum.  Also, it prepares and submits documentation to the Orphan’s Court regarding the suitability of the foster family for obtaining the status of a specialized foster family in the relevant specialization, the characteristics of the foster family and information regarding the acquisition of the study program.

The activities of out of family support centres in Jēkabpils and Rēzekne cities are focused on the risk groups of social exclusion: persons who have been determined to correspond to the status of a needy family (person); the unemployed who have dependents; the unemployed over the age of 54 and the long-term unemployed; orphans and children left without parental care from the age of 15, as well as adults corresponding to this group up to the age of 24.

The main goals of “Domus atbalsts” rehabilitation centre are:

  • to stabilize the psycho-emotional condition of the service recipients,
  • to improve/develop certain skills and abilities,
  • to provide the necessary psychological support for solving personal problems and promoting communication,
  • improving and strengthening mutual relations within and outside the family;
  • to help individuals, families, groups of people and society as a whole to promote or restore their ability to function socially,
  • to create favorable conditions for social functioning,  to and
  • contribute to the reduction of social exclusion and risk factors by developing personal resources and involving support systems.

Company Location