Company Description

The main objectives of the company are to ensure each single child in Latvia is heard, visible and valuable and each adult is able to support, listen to and inspire children. “Centrs ZIN” provides training programmes for parents and other adults interested in pedagogy and work with children with emotional trauma.

More specifically, “Centrs ZIN” aims:
1) To promote the opportunities and right of every child to grow up in a family;
2) To provide emotional, legal and practical support to families, including those who take care of children left without parental care.
3) To be a center of competence in matters related to childcare, adoption and education, including out-of-home care;
4) Implement and organize prevention work for families with children.
5) To promote public awareness of the role of parents in the emotional and practical upbringing of children;
6) Create innovations to enable each child to reach their potential and identify its potential;
7) Creating innovations to help children within support systems (adults).

Company Location