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GAMIFICATION | Online breakout rooms as a non-formal education tool – project CO-ART

Any type of education nowadays is undergoing major changes, dealing with limited attention spans and the undeniable growth in importance of digital approaches. Nonetheless, the Pandemic showed us that prolonged and monotonous screen time is neither [...]

GUIDEBOOK | Social business roadmap

The Social Business Roadmap has the aim to support young people in creating a social enterprise in 10 simple steps. It is an entrepreneurial guide tool for helping young people to make their first step [...]

GUIDELINES | Social impact communication in youth organisations and youth social enterprises

Within the project BALTIC: YOUTH: IMPACT, the Latvian Social Entrepreneurship Association together with the Baltic partners has developed Social Impact Communication Guidelines. The goal of social impact communication is to increase and scale the positive social and [...]

eBOOK | Envisioning the Future of Learning for Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

For two years consortium of Erasmus+ VISION project have been working on useful outcomes, and the project concluded in the last December. Proudly they are presenting an outcome of the project - a book that has just been released [...]

“Manual on social entrepreneurship”

This manual contains the results of the comparative study in Europe on success stories of Social Entreprises with a significant social impact on the territories in which they operate. It will also provide information about [...]