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Collaborative Media Channels

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Why to use Social Media Apps?

Video live streaming is a tool that can help with you and your organization with promotion and building a community. The tools below are easy to plug into social networks and also have messaging features. Social streaming gives you an opportunity to network with others; share ideas and discover what’s going on.

Check the Social Economy Talks podcasts!

“Social Economy Talks” is a Podcast series from Social Economy Europe about the most relevant upcoming issues in the social economy sphere. It will follow a journey of discovery (narrated by team member Nicholas Clark) [...]

Did you check GoToMeeting? A new tool for conference calls

Recently I have come across the GoToMeeting collaboration tool. The best part of it is the ability to use your phone and get connected to multiple people from different countries into one conference call by dialing a dedicated local number and special code. Below is a short review of the app and the link. […]


EdCast is an integrated personalized learning and live stream channel where one can get knowledge content from various thought-leaders, innovators and alike.  One of its strengths is that the channel can easily be integrated into [...]


Meerkat is a live streaming tool, a bit like Blab and Periscope, but focusing on groups.  What also stands out in relation to the other two channels above is that Meerkat lets you schedule a livestream [...]


Periscope is a live streaming tool that is owned by Twitter and one can thereby access lots of information about other people on twitter who you follow and also you can invite into the video [...]


Blab is a live steaming tool that enables you to join up to four-person video conversations. As a participant in a "Blab" you can request to join any chat that’s going on and switch place [...]