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Gender and self-employment: the role of mini-companies

The aim of this publication was to evaluate to what degree participation in mini-companies impact [...]

Boosting Social Enterprise Development – Good Practice Compendium

This compendium derives policy lessons for boosting social enterprises from the analysis of [...]

The Polish Model of a Social Economy with the Financial aspects and Profits at Background – from the General Theory to Practice

Within the InDigiSE Erasmus+ project we aim to bring youth the best knowledge [...]

Is Crowdfunding an Appropriate Financial Model for Social Entrepreneurship ?

Within the InDigiSE Erasmus+ project we aim to bring youth the best knowledge [...]

The Case for Letting Business Solve Social Problems |Michael Porter

Why societies turn to nonprofits, NGOs and governments to solve their biggest problems? World [...]

Creative Social Enterprise Business Model Ideas: 10 Ways to Address Affordability

We frequently hear the question: “What if the people who need and use [...]

Social Entrepreneurship: How to Become a Changemaker Through Business

Some people start businesses to improve the quality of their life. Others seek [...]

The Study on Social Business Opportunities in Lithuania – Full Version Available

The Study on Social Business opportunities in Lithuania (prepared on 2019), analyzing the [...]

Social Innovation Academy E-learning Tool

Social Innovation Academy E-learning is a freely available tool to gain theoretical and practical [...]

Read the latest EU study “New technologies and digitisation: opportunities and challenges for the social economy and social enterprises”

This study aims to benchmark diffuse initiatives and policies at EU level as [...]