Company Description


Yours Again is bringing upcycled denim back to You.

Unlike most of the textiles, denim only gets better with time. It is breathable, easy to take care of and most importantly – denim tends to adapt to your body and shape itself as a second skin. It is a uniquely durable textile, therefore we believe that even old and used denim can and should be renewed, redesigned and brought back to use.

Denim inspires us! At Yours Again we aim to embrace the beauty and imperfection of reclaimed denim and transform it into unique pieces just for You. We turn old jeans into functional and chic fashion pieces with new styles joining our collection seasonally.


Our process is intricate and involved, as we handpick each pair of secondhand jeans, dismantle them carefully by hand and redesign them with the least wastage possible. Each and every stitch, hem and patch matters.

We start by picking out the best and cleanest pairs of jeans that has been selected and sorted exclusively for us. Each pair is then carefully washed and checked. And so the dismantling process begins – we take the jeans apart transforming them into reusable textile.

When the fabric is ready to use, we apply our thoughtfully designed patterns and transform old denim into new, higher quality pieces. When the garment is sown and ready, it is washed again to ensure that each style you wear is no worse than the ones made using new materials.


We encourage Your individual style and creativity and we want you to make it unique by wearing it Your own way. We design our garments to be worn a myriad of different ways, yet remain relevant for many seasons to come as a classic and integral part of Your wardrobe.

Denim is timeless in trends and our goal is to produce styles without harm to environment. Sustainability is our core value and we intend to apply it in multiple ways – not only by using a durable secondhand fabric, but also designing pieces that would sustain for many more years both in quality and style.

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