Company Description

World’s most travelled Hotdog stand inspire and create positive social change to neglected children and their families around the world. For example we have built an orphanage in China and equipped the visiting rooms in Danish prisons with toys.

About 100,000 people from different places around the whole world are inspired and have co-invested in social change.
Even more through our SOME.

Besides many volunteers’ time about DKK 2,000,000 have come from collections, private funds and other collecting activities, such as auctions and a gocart team with celebrities and talents.

About DKK 5,500,000 from our CSR-partners have been used to make a difference through the travels.

On top of financial support, the travels have also initiated social change through workshops and achieved a great amount of exposure for the neglected groups of children, associations and NGOs.

We have been to 19 countries on 5 continents since 2003.

Besides traveling the world the Hotdog stand is hired for events and the creator, Fanny Posselt, does lectures and teaches social entrepreneurship.
Also an app-game, called Hotdog Heroes, is available in App Store and Google Play sharing the story in a fun way.

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