Company Description

Company is providing services for school-aged children to train their social, dietary and physical activity skills, mainly focusing on children with overweight and/or obesity.

Our vision – no more children having overweight caused by their poor dietary and physical activity skills.

Our mission – stop of the growth in number of school-aged children with overweight in Lithuania.

Our activities – specialised and scientifically based long-term and short-term programmes of extra curriculum activities and camps for school-aged children in their local schools implemented by local teams of proffesional dietary, physical activity and psychology experts. Extra- curruculum activities and day camps training social skills of school-aged children in their schools provided by in-school psychologist or in-school specialist of social affairs.

Our outputs – number of schoolaged children starting and completing our overweight beating programme – at least 30 in 2016 and 60 in 2017 with further gowth in number by 20-30 per cent.
Number of schoolaged children starting and completing our social skills training programme – round 500 per year.

Ultimate goal – prepare school-aged children make right selection of healthy meals, cook it, select and proceed necessary physical activities at home, help them grow and enable to stay in higher self-esteem state.

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