Company Description

“Traveling Mothers” dispels myths and believes that adventures should not wait for children to grow up.

Based on our experience and expert knowledge, we encourage mothers to travel and spend time meaningfully even with babies, we pay a lot of attention to the tourist discoveries of kindergarten and hard-working schoolchildren, and we select the most interesting sports and scientific challenges for teenagers.

“Traveling Mothers” already unites more than 85,000 families who love and want to travel with children! What will you find on the Traveling Mom page and on social networks ?

  • support for like-minded mothers and fathers, their travel experience;
  • joint travel offers for mothers ’ practical advice on how to prepare for trips with children of different ages
  • information about the most interesting objects and entertainment adapted for children in Lithuania and abroad
  • exclusive mom-checked routes that you can easily overcome with children ’ expert advice (doctors, guides, motorists, etc.)
  • recommendations for the most child-friendly accommodation and catering establishments in Lithuania and abroad
  • exclusive offers for children’s goods and services.



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