Company Description

Chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and asthma are getting more and more common, already every fourth kid is battling with chronic disease. These are all very different but psychological issues are almost universal regardless of the type of chronic disease. Also, psychological problems themselves can have long-term health consequences and interfere with the treatment process of underlying chronic disease. We have developed an intervention strategy aimed to buffer negative psychological changes associated with chronic illness through an innovative mobile health platform. Our target group is chronically ill children aged 7-14.

In our mobile game, kids need to save the Triumfland city from the Disease Monster. Through this game narrative we deliver our research-based content to monitor and support patients in a personalized manner. Our mobile health game is available upon request on Google Play (for Android), and is focusing on the following aspects:

  • Mental health (profiling, monitoring, supporting)
  • Treatment adherence
  • Educating patients
  • Teaching healthy behaviours
  • Empowering patients
  • Giving patients a sense of success

It is important that the big data from the game is analysed, consolidated and displayed to a dashboard for the care team. This helps with treatment monitoring, improves medical visit effectiveness and care team communication. Our users are private pediatric hospitals/clinics who are interested in comprehensive care for patients and in improving care team communication.

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