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Help for people who have been permanently withdrawn from society is the main card of CISTOR's activity.

Toruń Center for Social Integration (CIS) CISTOR founded in 2004 is the oldest of about 50 organizations of this type existing today in Poland. Małgorzata Kowalska, co-founder and CIS director, notes that the greatest motivation in establishing the Center was to convince people who need help should "give a rod, not a fish".
The establishment of CIS was also the result of a diagnosis of excluded societies, created on the basis of statistics of the Labor Office and the Municipal Center for Family Assistance. In addition, the city and voivodship authorities favoring the idea of ​​establishing a new institution were aware of the possibility of obtaining an additional source of funding for persons at risk of exclusion from the sources of European Union programs to which Poland at that time joined. CISTOR is an entity functioning as an auxiliary holding of the Municipal Office in Toruń.

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