Company Description

We decided to create SuperCoop so we could connect more with both our food and neighbors. This is a supermarket that belongs to us, the members! 

Just like a regular supermarket, we will have a lot of different products, but…

  • We offer good, healthy and fairly made food at affordable prices.
  • Our supermarket model depends on us making decisions together based on clear information about products and our community in order to help everyone benefit.
  • We see business as a tool to improve the wellbeing of people and our environment. In other words, profits are the means, not the end.



SuperCoop is owned by its members. To become a member, all you need to do is buy a share for the cost of 100€, and pay a 10€ entrance fee (no monthly fees). You choose how to pay: all at once or by installments over the period of two years.

Every member has the option of attending the Plenum meeting, where we all can vote on important topics at SuperCoop. We each have 1 vote (regardless of how many shares you own), and we all can raise topics to discuss.


Every member commits to work 3 hours every 4 weeks for SuperCoop. Members choose when they work and what kind of work they do (i.e. attending the cash register, stocking goods, etc.) This lowers the overall cost of running the supermarket, which then lowers the prices of products on the shelves too.

The idea is that everybody contributes, and everybody benefits. You cannot pay more and work less. Only a few full time employees take care of the coordination and sourcing.


This means we share as much information as possible about how food is made, how it gets to us, how we decide what its price will be and how we decide what to do with the profits

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