Company Description

"Social Action” is a social enterprise working with young people through programs of volunteering, with organizations and with promotion of voluntarism in social, institutional and political levels. The organization was founded in 2005.

Since 2006 we are working with EVS program (as sending and coordinating org.). We are coordinating many projects in Lithuania and abroad. Since 2006 we have local program for youngsters and organizations in Vilnius, called “Youth social Year” based on German model (Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr). Since 2008 we started to participate in other international youth projects and activities based on cooperation with other youth organizations in Lithuania. Since 2013 we are working with National youth voluntary program (based on the same structure as EVS): we are responsible for accreditation of hosting organizations and mentoring of volunteers and organizations. Also we work with organizations on topic “conceptualization of work with volunteers“, "Motivating volunteer". Our founder is an author of several methodical books/articles about volunteers, working with long-term volunteers, volunteering. This year we published methodical tool "Manual of working with youth voluntary program".

We are organizing discussions and conferences about volunteering to develop quality in different programs, which use volunteering as a tool. Also we we develop youth work with people with fewer opportunities (in local and international levels).

Since 2015 we organize events in order to inform society about non profit organizations and possibilities to join their activities, to discuss local and global issues.

Our future plans are related to the implementation of National volunteering programme, EVS projects development, the work with Vilnius district local (small towns, villages) communities in improving the quality of youth recreation and non-formal learning. We also want to focus on dissemination of volunteering ideas.

Our target group is various organizations which work with volunteers, EVS volunteers, local volunteers and all young people who are interested in volunteering in general.

Our mission is the development and promotion of volunteering. Our vision is to continue being an organization for volunteering youth and also finding ways to involve people of all ages in the organization’s activities in Vilnius and Lithuania.

Our objectives are:
to spread the idea of volunteering;
to strengthen local volunteering;
to participate in the implementation of international volunteering programmes;
to motivate young people to participate in other "ERASMUS+" actions;
to strengthen the organization’s staff members’, who work with volunteers, personal and professional skills;
to follow the principles of non-formal education by organizing activities;
to search for new programmes.

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