Company Description

On 09/23/2014 an agreement was signed for the commencement of the activities of the “Tradycja Smaków” Social Cooperative in Olsztynek. The social cooperative was founded by two legal entities, ie the Association for the Elderly and Disabled “Together” and the Olsztynek Commune.
In the “Become a Social Entrepreneur” project, she received a subsidy for expenditure under the contract with kitchen services at Domuka “Nad jeziorem” in Olsztynek for services related to catering and catering activities.
A social cooperative is an entity that combines the features of a non-governmental organization, as social I give employment opportunities, gaining experience and self-confidence.
The social cooperative “Tradycja tastów” employed 5 people, including 3 unemployed and 2 people with a certified degree of disability. These people have experience in gastronomy.
The subject of the cooperative’s activity is the preparation and distribution of meals for clients and companies, as well as organizational events (conferences, house parties, parties, etc.).

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