Company Description

Social Cooperative “Castle Goths” is a company from the so-called social economy sector. He is a cooperative of sailors who decided to take matters into their own hands. A rule like the musketeers: one for all – all for one. There is no distribution of profits and other typical cases for companies. We operate in order to ensure a basic existence, enjoy cooperation in a group of friends, derive satisfaction from customer satisfaction.
The mgr is responsible for the installation services. automatic engineer (yacht captain) Tomasz Jakubowski and electronic engineer (yacht helmsman) Marek Gorlewicz. From the economic and marketing side, the actions are directed by Ireneusz Jurek – former bosses of “Zawisza Czarny”.

We are people on the level, and our motto is “be a man”.

The cooperative has been operating since 2010. We gained installation experience by working for two years as a subcontractor for Multi-IP Telekomunikacja.

In addition to income-related activities, we run pro publico bono center of Goths’ settlement in Węsiory, where we cultivate the memory of the ancient inhabitants of Pomerania who left mysterious stone circles in Ksubiory in Kashubia. We run historical classes there for children from primary and junior high schools.

Company Location