Company Description

Polltix is solving one of the most pressing challenges in modern-day democracies – lack of trust in government. In OECD countries, only 45% of citizens trust their government. At Polltix, we help politicians learn about their voters’ preferences and allow voters to easily share their opinions with their political representatives. Our mission is to make representative democracy truly representative.
The site enables politicians to directly poll voters via one-question polls and after each poll share feedback with the respondents on how the poll affected their decision-making on the issue.
Polltix was launched in October 2020 and has since been used by 12 members of the Lithuanian parliament, a city mayor, and two members of local municipal councils. Polltix has 10,000 registered voters who regularly take part in politicians’ polls. 64% of Polltix users say they trust politicians who frequently consult with the public more than those who do not. In 2021 the platform intends to expand to other EU countries.

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