Company Description

O.M.A.H.A.I is a non- profit- organization that is standing on the front-line of providing expert insights into designing and launching well-grounded sustainable programs of growth. The education of Women and Children stands in the very heart and soul of O.M.A.H.A.I sustainable programs of growth. Building bridges between cultures have never been as essential as it is being witnessed nowadays in the twenty-first century across all cultural civilizations. Building inner and outer bridges within and among cultures are vital to World Peace. Education lies at the heart of our world’s collective efforts to constitute a firm foundation for united humanity. The education of Women and Children stands in the very heart and soul of this firm foundation.

Core Objectives:

– Universal compulsory education for everyone through developing a formal educational system that enables individuals, and especially women and children, to contribute effectively to the processes of change both in their local societies and also in the wider globe.

– An obligation to educate children to address the needs of society; seeks to develop a generation of people who will develop skills to address greater social goals such as and not limited to: preventing war, addressing poverty, advocating equity, and preserving the planet.

– Equality of Men and Women: Both men and women are entitled to live in dignity and free from fear. True equality of genders is essential to human progress and reducing poverty. All people have the right to unlock their full potential.

– Start coordinating with NGO’s in other countries to support women and children education.

– Ensure that help is extended to as many children and women as possible and they have access to education and training.

– Create policies and work ethics to be carried out in the organization as a whole.

– Monitor all operations under the O.M.A.H.A.I and provide help as needed.

– Start educational and training programs so that children and women can graduate with a professional certificate/diploma or a degree.

– Start collaborating with local educational and training institutions in other countries.

– Design educational and training programs for women and children on the on the basis of diversity, openness, respect, integrity, motivation, creativity, and well-being.

O.M.A.H.A.I is an international NGO registered in Iceland
Registration ID: 410715-1550

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