Company Description

Non-commercial organization. Focused on the designing of accessible environment for businesses and municipalities.

Kovcheg represents a new trend among public organizations of disabled people in Russian society. It is created to help people with disabilities to realize themselves in modern society, both professionally and creatively. Kovcheg brings together people with disabilities who seek a full active life. People who are not ready to be ballast, people who not only succeed in life but is willing to help those who aspire to a full and normal active life, despite the difficulties.

Today Kovcheg is an Association of disabled people who want to succeed in their careers and in life, who want to be looked at as equal, with no mercy, but understanding.

A few years ago, for the organization of disabled people, it was critical to unite at least a few people, organize leisure and just chat. Society just didn’t notice that nearby, maybe in the next apartment, there live people with limited physical abilities.

“Without trying to embrace the immense we have chosen the most important direction for our activities: the creation of a barrier-free environment in our city and region, assistance in the employment of disabled people, assistance to disabled people with the design of an individual rehabilitation program, obtaining technical means of rehabilitation. Representation of their interests in politics and society, defending the interests of the members of the organization in relations with the state.”


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