Company Description

Brand SWIMBE® was created by social enterprise “My Swimwear” Ltd., which was established in autumn of 2018 by apparel designer Elena Dmitrijeva and entrepreneur Laura Zukovska-Supe.

Social enterprise means that we work without profit – all money goes to solve socially important issues, in our case – waste management and environmental protection.

Idea about such company emerge for personal need – it was impossible to find sustainably made good-looking swimwear that would aligne with one’s lifestyle and sense of style.

As we could not find such offer, we decided to make swimwear ourselves – garments that will love women in all shapes and sizes and will be made sustainably.

SWIMBE® gives a unique possibility for every woman to have her dream swimwear – in any color, design and style!

SWIMBE® uses unique fabrics for swimwear creation. They are made in an Italian company Carvico out of old fishing nets, carpets, PET bottles etc.

We have created a zero-waste manufacturing process – we are making small accessories, like headbands and scrunchies from clippings or donate then to the local NGO where people with special needs make new products out of them.

Company Location