Company Description

Kelmes pienine is a regional dairy company processing milk. We employ disabled people and have a status of a social enterprise.

Our mission is to give people the gourmet satisfaction with our dairy products.


Quality – we produce high-quality dairy products and abide by the highest standards.
Innovations – we continually delight our consumers by introducing new products and providing opportunities to experience new taste sensations. We constantly invest in new technologies and expand our product range. We are interested in creating and sharing the results of our work. After all, it is how new traditions are being born, isn’t it?
Competence – in the hands of our competent employees dairy foods turn into exclusive and original high-quality products.
Honesty – we are open and reliable. Our customers’ trust and respect are extremely important to us. The basis of our activity includes the time-proved relations with our business partners and the professionalism of our employees.

Company Location