Company Description

KALE NYABO was born from our love to Ugandan people and their unique talent, and from our desire to promote the Ugandan culture while contributing to small communities development. Our products are 100% handmade by local Ugandans, usually groups of single mothers who are using their time and talent as the only source of income for their families. The talent, the drive and the dedication that these women are putting into every single piece that they are creating is what determined us to find ways to support their entrepreneurial spirit. Since their biggest issue is the low number of customers, our main objective is to connect these crafters with the online markets to which they don’t have access at the moment.

Without having an education, living in poor conditions and having many mouths to feed, for these women every single sale means a small blessing. Our purpose is to invest in the talent and skills of Ugandans in need, by offering them a source of income by creating these accessories and by frequently donating part of our profit to organizations specialized in helping children or adults in need. In the local language – Luganda, KALE NYABO means THANK YOU, MADAM. Represents the message that our crafters want to transmit through their work: “Every purchase represents an investment to the development of our community. Thank you, madam!”

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