Company Description

The Jegersberg Farm Rehabilitation and Competence Center is a rehabilitation service for addicts. Here we offer rehabilitation with four effective elements: Time, Mentor, Community and Qualification is what determines the direction of Jegersberg farm and residents living there. There is a demand for drug and drug freedom.
Time; You get the time you need. Building a new identity takes a long time.

Mentor; you get a mentor who has personal experience from the addiction. Through personal experience from own recovery, the mentor is an important supporter of moving forward in life.

The goal is that everyone who moves into Jegersberg should become mentors and help “the new” who move in to a good rehabilitation.
Community; it is important with the community on the farm. We work together, make important decisions together, live together, eat together and, not least, the community is good to have when there are difficult days.

Eligibility; By staying at Jegersberg Farm for several years, you will develop your skills that you bring with you further in life. There is experience from daily work, cooking, cleaning the house, working in teams, as well as having a good order of the finances. When you move out of Jegersberg you will have your own job and your own home.

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