Company Description

AS Hoolekandeteenused is a 100% state-owned enterprise and the main area of activity of the organisation is providing social welfare services to adults with special mental needs.

In addition to providing services for adults, we offer substitute home and childcare service to children with special mental needs and care services to elderly people.

The enterprise was established in 2007 and it was formed of 16 care homes that had been managed by county governments until then. Several of our homes have a long and dignified history, for decades they have rendered services to people with special mental and physical needs and helped them to cope with their life better.

By today we have expanded to almost every county and our twenty-three homes throughout Estonia have more than 2,500 places. 55 new family houses for people with special mental needs in eleven different locations in Estonia will be ready by the end of the year 2013 – we establish eight new modern homes formed of contemporary family houses and expand three working homes.

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