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We are an online shop of sustainable handmade products and a blog that promotes sustainability.

This is a message from our Earth, whose voice today often goes unheard. The Green Shop initiative is about taking the idea of ​​a greener life further: not only does the project itself send a message to live more sustainably, but everyone who has achieved it should share it. The aim of the project is to offer people an alternative to disposable plastic bags and to inspire you to live differently – to consume less, to stop disposable culture and to alleviate the burden of our Earth in every possible way 🌿🌎.

The project was born in 2017. having matured in his heart a slightly naive and idealistic desire to contribute to change in our country, and with your endless support, he has swayed, and has now opened the door to the blog. We invite you to share your green ideas and contribute to content creation!

And if you are a producer of green initiatives yourself, join our online shop of green initiatives Sustainable Friends 💛.

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zalia krautuvele

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