Company Description

Good Deed Foundation in 2003. We are Estonia’s first and only venture philanthropy organisation.

We launch and scale initiatives with high societal impact, supporting them for 3-5 years, both financially and non-financially with know-how from a dedicated in-house team, pro-bono experts and partners.

Impact Fund

Good Deed Impact Fund is the first venture philanthropy fund in Estonia. We help to launch and scale impactful initiatives that solve pressing problems in the Estonian society. We work with complex issues in education, social inequity, public health and environment.

We are looking to work with 4-6 impactful initiatives in the next three years providing both financial and non-financial support from a dedicated team and pro-bono experts. Together with entrepreneurs and enterprises that care for our future, the state and leaders in social change we drive for positive and lasting impact.

Good Deed Education Fund

Good Deed Education Fund is a philanthropy fund founded by the new generation of Estonian entrepreneurs. The fund is looking to support initiatives that solve acute problems in the education sector. The main issues the Education Fund addresses are:

● The lack of appeal of the profession of teaching as the average age of teachers is constantly increasing.

● Quality of school leadership (recruitment, leadership, culture and goal setting; empowering parents board).

● The youth drop-out rate after the mandatory level (9 years); not graduating from the next education level.

● The low levels of STEAM skills acquired from school.

Good Deed Education Fund is looking for initiatives that addresses these problems in a measurable way. Through the initiatives we will be looking for ways to increase the quality of education together with leaders from different sectors – public, private, third sector.

Good Deed Foundation was established in year 2003 by private individuals (by laws). We follow The Code of Ethics of Estonian Nonprofit organizations.

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