Company Description

SOVI was founded in 1972 by a group of committed parents of autistic children. As their children were graduating from Sofieskolen, the first of its kind in Denmark, they were keen to provide a meaningful occupation for their children in adult life. The idea behind SOVI´s founding was to provide a full and challenging working life for people whose autism did not allow for inclusion in an ordinary workspace.

SOVI has since then driven sheltered workshops where co-workers with autism, craftsmen and social educators cooperate in the production of various goods and services (e.g. packaging, metal-, wood- and textile-production).

Since 2012, we have also been working together with municipal jobcentres, in helping clients with autism or ADHD to obtain and be included in the ordinary jobmarket.

We employ around 50 co-workers with autism, who are supported by 23 craftsmen, social educators and mentors. Here we help our co-workers in finding meaningful and professional work, either in our own workshops, or with external firms. Our workshops supply various branches of the established industry with small scale productions of parts such as metal posts for fences and frames for commercial displays. We also offer production of furniture parts.

Another important business area is packaging of goodiebags and the like for events and marketing. Our Kitchen supplies catering for receptions, and the media workshop offers print- and content-production for local organizations and small businesses.

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