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Hobukooli Park

The Park of 20 hectares is located in forest area in mid Estonia.

Park consists of pastures, forest tracks, sand squares and necessary buildings for working with people and horses.

Riding Therapy is one of the main activities in the Hobukooli Park.

Buildings are from natural materials or reused old wood or trunks from local forest – strawbale house for seminars, cordwood roundhouse for donkeys and chicken, reused woodshed, stable for horses and some dwellings for smaller animals.

Park is the place where people come to therapy, or to retreat, groups of people come to visit courses
and practical activities of equine assisted learning and therapy (EAL, EAT).

Groups can come also to look at local natural building techniques and to attend such seminars and workshops.

Social Enterprise Equilibre NPO is running the place from 2007 and has built up it since.

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