Company Description

EcoImage is the company, which produced creative, hand-made souvenirs, based on North-Russian traditions. Among the company’s clients, there were foreign companies from England and Finland, and the Russian market expanded.

Mostly women work in the company from 40 to 55 years. You can work both at home and directly at work. During the summer period, employees leave for “vacations.” Now the company wants to attract more students for various jobs.

“Of course, separate work accelerates the process, and therefore the cost of the product is not so high. But we will not switch to factory production, where everything is stamped with machines, we want to keep the warmth of our hands, ” founder explains.

The company plans to manufacture covers for tablet computers and mobile phones, souvenir business gifts and a special Arkhangelsk souvenir.

Next year the company plans to present New Year’s business gifts under the trademark “Warm Gifts and Souvenirs”.

Company Location