Company Description

Cuiablue OÜ is a social enterprise which drives positive social and environmental change through creative educational solutions. We specialise in designing digital tools to support and advance the European workforce transformation and development through innovative initiatives. We work with different groups of people to advance shared environmental, social, or cultural ideas while simultaneously developing their skills and knowledge. We achieve this through the application of practical, targeted, innovative, sustainable approaches to European workforce, training, and education challenges. Cuiablue OÜ’s core activities are the design, development, management, implementation and widespread dissemination and exploitation of social innovation and research projects and programmes, to support wider European strategic goals.

An underlying tenet of Cuiablue OÜ’s philosophy is to promote Estonia’s unique digital approach and innovations, history, and culture within collaborative European networks. We work to celebrate and improve innovation and cooperation within the European community, whilst promoting and elevating Estonia’s standing within it. We use our expertise and strong European networks to generate long-term, positive social and digital impact in the adult education and vocational education and training sectors. Cuiablue OÜ also fosters empowerment and active participation among youths and marginalised communities, such as the elderly, refugees, and migrants. We achieve these goals whilst continuing to address and make progress towards key national and European priorities at local and regional level.

Cuiablue OÜ’s grant writing and project design experience is employed predominantly with the aim of empowering small, grassroots level organisations to achieve maximum positive impact through organisations and community groups which are already established and trusted by key stakeholders at local level. We accomplish this goal by providing guidance and funding expertise to community-led youth and marginalised groups, to create innovative solutions to European wide community issues. Cuiablue OÜ comprises 3 staff members, and around 300 wider stakeholders through networks and community groups we are involved in.

Cuiablue OÜ is also offers free blended and distance vocational training courses to a wide range of stakeholders, including SMEs, learners within the vocational training system, vocational education practitioners and local authorities. The courses Cuiablue OÜ delivers focus on promoting green skills, environmental awareness and measurement, digitisation tools and strategies, cybersecurity awareness training, reflective thinking skills for personal and professional improvement and diversity and inclusion training. Cuiablue OÜ is a member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which has 6500 members and also collaborates with them on relevant initiatives.

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