Company Description

Our Earth is a closed system consisting of complicated processes that affect our planet’s overall health. It is irrefutable that human activity is leading to a drastic degradation of systems we rely on to survive. To reverse the detrimental changes witnessed today, we must look for innovative strategies to offset the impact of our modern activities on natural ecosystems. It has become a matter of urgency to rapidly move societies toward sustainability. CommonTech Corp. defines a research-based strategic plan to globally accelerate the diffusion of green technologies and identify areas of additional research.

Inhibiting factors of green technology adoption identified by researchers today include issues such as costs of implementing new technologies and revamping current infrastructures, lack of knowledge capital, and even a concerted resistance to the adoption of new technologies. In short, it must be profitable to move toward sustainability. This is where CommonTech Corp’s focus resides. Engineering radically innovative uses of existing technology to make a profit from a sustainable business. We engineer products and processes that will change the way profitable business is viewed, and hopefully, the way that business is conducted across the industry.

Our bottom line consists of three equally important factors:
1. Human socio-economic advancement – Working to improve the lives of marginalized members of our global society through better access to training and stable jobs.
2. Environmentally positive impact – Engineering new ways of utilizing recyclable waste and solutions to business needs that improve profit margins, while also moving to smarter and more environmentally viable business activities.
3. Revenue – Yep, you got us, we do aim to make money. Hopefully, a whole lot of it! After all, the greater the profit we make from our product lines, the more cash flow we have to invest in our communities.

We are radically innovative and use that as our core business model. To minimize costs of production we use several forms of business that work beautifully to create ecologically friendly innovations that are extremely affordable. This radical new engineering and production system is called grassroots-based frugal engineering. By developing solutions to the needs of the common person, using the ideas of the common people, CommonTech Corp creates a system of inclusion that brings together a lot of brains to economically solve their own problems and improve their quality of life; thus, empowering often disadvantaged members of our society. Even better, is that those who take part in the engineering process can become a part of the product development and get a great job out of their efforts.

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