Company Description

The idea of the ‘New School’ initially originated within a group of parents, who see the school as a place where learning is based on the real life and a place where children primarily are learning to learn, discover, understand, and research. Where the maths is necessary to understand the rhythm of the music or buy ice cream but Latvian grammar and rich vocabulary are important to communicate with peers and to tell, for instance, about nature explorations during a hike along the Gauja river. Where sports is not a competition but a personal struggle and development of bodily and mental strength. A school where the ideas arise from the unique collaboration model of ‘children– parents – educators’.

So parents established NGO "Cesis New school" that has created ‘Cēsis New Primary School’ with a long-term aim to provide children with free, high quality, up-to-date, and competitive education and skills that are applicable to daily life.

To reach more parents we have started our second project "Get to know child" with an aim to help parents better hear and understand their children.

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