Company Description

Our cooperative brewery was created from our passion for beer, the sea and a need for change. Our beer is being brewed in a small brewery in the city of Puck. Puck has been known for ages for its dry beer which formula development reaches way back to the 14th century.

Anecdote states that Puck City Council has controlled the quality of every single batch of beverage which left the city. Aside from tasting, what was the primary quality control for the taste of beer, the beverage had to pass another test. It was poured onto benches at which the city councilors were sitting and after soaking into pants of these fine gentleman, on the mayor’s mark, they had to get up. If the bench was holding strong to their pants the beer could be passed to the gentlefolks and townspeople. If it didn’t it was sold to the mob.
Nowadays, we are the only brewery in Puck and also the only cooperative brewery in Poland.

Company Location